Public Relations Designed For Your Precise Needs

I founded Justin Lavelle Communications, LLC (JLC) with the belief that public relations should serve the precise needs of clients, no matter how broad or narrow. While many clients will benefit from the full menu of public relations options that JLC offers, including media relations, content creation and social media engagement, others may simply need a series of high-impact press releases or focused outreach to a specific subset of reporters. JLC has the flexibility to serve both types of clients with its full attention. 

As a virtual agency with limited overhead costs, JLC can offer innovative, a la carte pricing to provide clients with the best possible value for only the services they actually need. 

With the firm's leadership experience including top public relations agencies and a highly regarded business advisory firm, JLC has the experience and focus to drive top-tier results for your company. Justin has conducted strategic communications services on behalf of established investment firms, major business consultants, hedge funds and one of the fastest growing start-ups in America.